1 to 1 Coaching

ID Elite soccer school also offers 1 to 1 coaching for players age 5-14 years old. Our experienced coaches, Ian Horswell and Dieter Paland, provide a structured one hour technical session in order to further develop our childs skills.

We take great care in making sure we provide a structured technical session so we will consult with both you and your child to find the best are to work on (defending, padding, turning, dribbling, heading, shooting, co-ordination or agility training).

We look at your childs weaknesses as well as their strengths in order to improve your childs football and help them reach their potential.

All training equipment will be provided by our coaches but it is the responsibility to ensure that the correct clothing and personal equipment is brought to every training session. This may include:

  • Football boots and trainers (please bring both)
  • Shin pads
  • Fluids (we prefer that each child has their own bottle of water to avoid children sharing what bottles where possible)
  • Rain jacket
  • Towel
  • Sun screen where necessary (please apply to your child before training)

These sessions cost £35 per hour, or £125 for a block of five coaching sessions.

ID Elite abide by the Child Protection and Best Practices regulations set in place by the Football Association, during our 1 to 1 sessions. We request that a parent or guardian are available for the hour to watch over the session

For information about course dates and pricing, please click below

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ID Elite Birthdays

If your child drinks, eats and sleeps football, why not have one of our popular ID Elite birthday parties!?

We will supply a qualified coach and all the necessary equipment to ensure the party goers have an enjoyable time even if they are new to the sport.

How do you book an ID Elite party? Have a read through our birthday packages, choose a venue then contact us

Our birthday packages are as follows:

Premier League Champions League World Cup
Premier League Trophy Champions League Trophy World Cup
1 hour
up to 12 children
£75.00 £115.00 £135.00
1 ½ hours
up to 12 children
£90.00 £130.00 £150.00
2 hours
up to 12 children
£105.00 £145.00 £165.00
Additional Information For each Champions League party, the birthday boy/girl will receive either a trophy or a football and each member of the group will receive a medal. For each World Cup party, the birthday boy/girl with receive either a trophy or a football, each member of the group will receive a medal and there will be 3 trophies for prizes for games played within the party.

Here are some of the venues:

Les Quennevais Sports Centre - (catering available upstairs)
Springfield Sports Centre - (catering available on ground floor)
Fort Regent - (catering available at the cafe or a private room)
St Mary's Youth Centre - (kitchen available to bring your own food)

We also can work with you to have parties at home/at the beach or any other suitable venue!

We look forward to hosting your child's party!

Multi Sports Holiday School

Our summer multi-sports will allow children to try a variety of ten different sports (Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Rugby and Tennis) at the excellent sports facility, Oakfield Sports Centre, Hautlieu School. The excellent facilities at Oakfield coupled with the safety of the surrounding environment make it the perfect location for our multi-sports school.

The emphasis of our multi-sports school is to encourage participation and enjoyment for all of our children. Each day a timetable will offer a variety of sports that children can play.

In each sport, children have access to specialist equipment to get the most out of each activity

Multi-sports is open to children in years 1 to 7 and runs from 8:30 to 15:30. For information regarding course dates and pricing, please click below!

Dates & Pricing

Holiday Soccer School

ID Elite's holiday soccer school is the most popular in the island! The holiday soccer school is open to children in years 1 to 7 and runs from 8:30 to 15:30 allowing Boys and Girls to enjoy a full day of football!

At ID Elite we can cover so many different aspects of the game whilst playing some exciting and enjoyable games. Children get to improve on all areas of the game from goalkeeping to goal scoring, from tackling to shielding and passing to dribbling!

Our program is designed to encourage good sporting behaviour as well as working as part of a team all overseen by qualified and experienced coaches.

Check our available courses by going to Course Dates & Pricing.

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Weekend Soccer School

Our weekend soccer school operates throughout the school term. Our experienced soccer school coaches are committed to improving the technique of each and every player.

Our program aims to teach fundamental technique, improve co-ordination, build a strong foundation for future development and to give your child the opportunity to participate in exciting competitions. Our program is designed to improve players of all ages and abilities in every stage of their development. Football is a great sport that improves both teamwork and individual character. For more information about our courses and pricing, please click below.

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